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I am a busy working mom and it is amazing how simple and easy this protocol is. The Acne Expert says 'less is more' when you have acne skin and it is really true for me. My skin is completely clear and stays that way as long as I continue the protocol. I could not be happier-thank you Acne Expert!!


I have had a drastic reduction in active breakouts and my old bumps and spots are basically gone. The Vivant 10% Gel is really amazing and even my oil build up is almost non-existant. My skin is looking truely even and beautiful and I feel more confidant than ever!


I started breaking our horribly around age 20 and tried everything. I was so confused and nothing was working until this kit. The quiz helped me right away and within 2 weeks with the kit I had no new breakouts and things started healing. A year later and with just these three products my skin is back to is normal self. And, I no longer feel the need to wear make-up! Thank you!!

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