The Acne Expert

About Us

  Mary Freihofner The Acne Expert

          I'm on a mission to show people how to get acne free skin.

My journey really began about thirty years ago when at age twenty-two I started having adult cystic acne. I tried every thing from tetracycline and retinols to nearly every OTC product there was at that time. The acne really preoccupied my thoughts and created a good deal of anxiety for me. Finally at age thirty I went to an esthetician that helped me quite a bit and from then on I had a clear vision that I would become an esthetician and open a salon exclusively to help people with acne.

In 2004 I opened my first salon and after performing and over seeing nearly 50k Acne Stop Facials later I wanted to bring my experience, knowledge and expertise to an on line platform. As such my role in the acne industry sets me apart as a substantial authority in the field due to my personal experience with acne and my over 20 years of hands on experience helping thousands of people achieve clear skin. 

For me your clear skin is more than my job, it is my calling.

These kits and products are the culmination of 25 years of acne experience and expertise assembled into a quiz and product kit that I feel is the best way to help an on line acne customer. Please make sure to read (and screen shot) your personal tips in the Acne Tips Quiz and to watch the FULL video so that you will have all your tools in place for clear skin now!