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Acne Stop Kit: VERY Oily Skin

For VERY oily skin, large pores, cystic, grades I,II,III and IV acne, tropical environments.

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This kit is for VERY oily skin, large pores, cystic, grades I,II,III and IV acne, very large pores, tropical environments.
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In this Kit:

Salicylic Facial Cleansing Gel   1.7 oz

For oily skin only, this strong cleanser with alpha and beta hydroxy acids will reduce sebum production and chemically exfoliate the skin. Leaves the skin matte but hydrated with hyaluronic acid, bilberry and sugar maple extract.

Colloidal Silver Mist   1.7 oz

Therapeutic for acne, cuts, burns, after shave and works as a great post workout spritz. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, colloidal silver was used widely and has been known as a bactericide for at least 1200 years.

BP 10% Gel Medication   1oz

With the most effective acne fighting ingredients, works by delivering bacteria fighting oxygen down into the acne follicle. Reduces inflammation, comedones, blackheads, pustules, cystic, papules, oily skin and acne related post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Water based patented formula from Dr. James Fulton, MD, PhD creates rapid penetration and direct results.

The Famous Pink Buff

For most people with acne, retention hyperkeratosis is part of the acne process. A manual exfoliation is the perfect treatment for retention hyperkeratosis and is preferred over a chemical exfoliation. A simple yet highly effective tool for exfoliating the skin. Wash with hot soapy water. The buff should be replaced every 4-8 weeks.