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My skin is getting dry-what should I do?

Posted by Mary Freihofner on

There is a challenge in acne skin care because every product that will actually work against acne, has a side effect of drying the skin. The goal is to find the counter-balance of acne killing ingredients and non clogging healing moisture retention products. 

When you first start our products you may get mildly dry skin that will only last 3-9 days. Try to hang in there through this period as your skin acclimates to the products. If after 10 days you are still dry we need to tweek your routine. Here are a list of tips to try that will help relieve dryness;

#1 I know it sounds counter intuitive but try not to use cleanser if you do not wear make up. Instead just use a water and washcloth. Use the cleanser just once a week with a good scrub with the buff. (The BP 10% gel is killing the bacteria on your skin leaving you cleaner than any cleanser will so there really is not a need to cleanse every day.) Also btw, NEVER use cleanser twice a day when using benzoyl peroxide products unless you are very very very oily.

#2 If you can't bring yourself to not use cleanser daily can you try to skip cleanser every other day?

#3 If you wear makeup or are not willing to drop the cleanser you can a) add a bit of honey to the Hylunia Cleansing Gel so that you use only a very small amount of cleanser. The honey is antibacterial and a humectant and so it is  moisturizing for the skin. This option also allows you to stay organic. b) you can switch to the Vivant Green Tea Cleanser which is less striping than the Hylunia Cleansing Gel. It is not organic but it is acne safe and removes makeup well. If you are already using the Vivant Green Tea Cleanser add honey to it as well.

#4 If you are using the Green Tea Serum Moisturizer switch to the Vitamin B Lotion with Chamomile. Don't throw out the Green Tea Serum Moisturizer though, instead put it in the fridge to pull out and use during hot summer months or mix it with the Vitamin B Lotion to get a lighter application. 

#5 You can use the moisturizer 2x day. 

#6 Not usually a good solution but you can use the BP 10% Gel every other night in stead of every night. Just remember the more you can use the BP the quicker and more clear your skin will become and so the less you use it the less clear it will make you. 

Any dryness from the products will stop and your skin will go back to baseline, when the products are discontinued. 

If you get itchy skin or swelling discontinue the Vivant BP 10% Gel Medication. If this occurs it will fade when the product is stopped. 3.1% of the population will have a sensitivity reaction to BP.

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