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Do Your Own Skin Analysis Test At Home

Posted by Mary Freihofner on


~Check For Dehydration~

While looking in the mirror gently pinch the skin on your lower cheek or jowl. Does the skin snap back quickly or does it slowly go back down to flat? If it moves slowly back flat your body and skin is dehydrated and in need of H2O and possibly electrolytes. Drink Up!


Are You Oily, Dry or Combination Skin??

The larger the pore, the larger the oil gland, the more oil produced and this equals oily skin.
The smaller the pore the smaller the oil gland and less oil production which equals dry skin.

      ~Look in the mirror at your pore size on the different area’s of your face~

You may have large pores in your T zone but small pores on your cheeks and top of forehead. This would be considered combination skin.

Or you may have large pores all over, which is considered oily skin.

Or you may be one of the lucky ones that have small pores all over! This would be dry skin.

If your pores seem a pretty average size and you do not get dry flakes or mid day oil shine then you probably have Normal skin.

Congratulations you now know your basic skin type!!
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