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DIY At Home Acne Mask-Must Read!

Posted by Mary Freihofner on

When you have acne skin the more things you put on it the more likely to suffer break outs and clogging. I always preach 'less is more when it comes to your skin!'. 

My all time favorite DIY skin care is to do a weekly yogurt mask-that MUST be followed by a strong manual exfoliation, such as with our pink buff. The yogurt is a good consistency to saturate those dead skin cells so that they swell and then slough off more readily. If you do all 4 steps you will most likely see good results the next morning! As well as improved texture!

Best to do this at the end of your day because you will be applying your acne medicine.

You'll need;
2 Tablespoons plain yogurt with no sugar. Can be vegan
Rough buff sponge
Ice cube
10% BP benzoyl peroxide Gel Medication

Rinse the skin (do not use cleanser)
Apply yogurt over entire face. If you have a fan brush it feels nice! Leave on 5 minutes (no longer than that as the yogurt can start to dehydrate and get sticky on the skin).
Then give a good scrub in sideways downwards motions (see this how to video)
Rinse well and pat dry
Rub ice cube on acne area for 5 minutes. Hold the ice in a cloth so your fingers don't go numb but put the ice directly onto the skin and rub back and forth (any direction, as long as it keeps moving). Please never do the ice therapy more than 10 minutes. (see how to video)
Pat dry
This is important-while the skin is still cold, apply 10% BP Gel Medication

Some optional anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory things that are safe to add to your yogurt mask are:
matcha green tea-antioxidant + brightening
powdered turmeric-anti-inflammatory + calming (can make the skin temporarily have a yellow hue.
local organic raw honey-anti-microbial + hydrating

If you have questions please tune into my Live Q&A on Instagram where you can send me questions any time!