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Cleansing Your Face Instructions

Posted by Mary Freihofner on

Facial cleansing is an important part of managing acne and that is not because it should be done often but rather because it needs to be done correctly.

Any product that combats acne has a side effect of drying the skin. For this reason, we don't want to over dry the skin with facial cleansing when we are using acne-fighting products.  

It's hard for some people to trust me on this at first, but the fact is that you definitely do not need to use a cleanser every night. The cleanser typically plays a small role in fighting blackheads and pimples. (The main acne fighting element is the benzoyl peroxide.) 

Hear me out, keep reading!

Because this benzoyl peroxide product is water based with no moisturizing (clogging) ingredients in it a main objective is balancing the skin and not getting too dry.

If you are prone to dry skin you can play with using your cleanser less than every night. Plenty of my clients prone to dry skin use the cleanser only once a week in cold winter months. Some even pass on cleanser altogether in order to achieve clear skin!

On the nights you do not use your cleanser just give a thorough cleanse with warm water and a moist washcloth-then rinse. 

Cleanser is excellent for removing lipids and fatty acids, which are found in your natural oils, makeup, and some clogging products. If you have any of these features you will need to use your cleanser every night.

Even for oily skin I recommend just warm water and washcloth in the mornings (or if working night shifts what ever your wake up time is). But if you are VERY oily and/or live in a tropical place, only then you can use a cleanser twice a day. But, give the benzoyl peroxide a try first as you will see that it will reduce the amount of oil you produce. 

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